Acrylics & Plaques

We use your logo and work directly with you to make sure that your customized plaques and acrylics mean the most to you. Our repeat customers trust our quality and appreciate our eye for design – you will, too! Whether you’re recognizing a top employee or displaying corporate accomplishments, turn to us for the very best!

Placed on backing plates and individually sealed

Each and every single plaque is placed on a backing plate, and sealed individually. This keeps the plaques (if there are multiple in an order) from rubbing against one another, which could cause scratching and blemishes in some places. Our quality control and customer satisfaction is unmatched. You can trust us for plaques in top condition!

Stop in and see our whole showroom

We have an entire showroom created just for you to come in and browse. You can see what you are getting before you make a permanent decision. Stop in and take a look at all of your options, and then let us know what you decide. Make sure you’re happy with your little piece of perfection chosen. We’ll help you design a piece you’ll be proud of.